Food Processing Facilities and Packaging Lines

Working with leading vendors, ASIBEX provides the most up-to-date solutions in food processing. Whether clients produce maize, rice, wheat, oats, oils, sugar, pasta... we have a wide range of solutions that match your needs.

From filling to treating and forming the products, ASIBEX has the necessary expertise to engineer, design and install a turnkey food processing line.

Shape, size and product details are easily manipulated by ASIBEX engineering team.

So, as client’s desires are manifested in forms that are top rated in quality, innovatively and cost.

When it’s time to put the product out on the shelf, ASIBEX knows what kind of packaging machine and line to provide. The vast variety of options cater to manufacturers of seeds, oils, frozen vegetables, sugar, rice, pasta, dried mushrooms, candies, popcorn and a lot more.

With user-friendly and reliable machines that require very little maintenance, clients need to look no further than ASIBEX.